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Sai Machine Tools PVT. LTD. Has grown to become the largest manufacturing of plastic processing machinery in central India with state of the art screw cutting thread milling less brander(USA) Equipment .The company commenced its operations at plot no. 23, Sector A, Sanwer Road Industrial Area Indore (M.P.) in 1988. Under technical guidance of Mr. Ashok Jaiswal, who is also the current Managing Director of the company.

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Our Team

  • CMD

    Mr. Ashok Jaiswal


    Mr. Ashok Jaiswal

  • Director Tech

    Mr. Vishal Jaiswal

    Director Tech

    Mr. Vishal Jaiswal

  • Director Admin

    Mr. Ajay Jaiswal

    Director Admin

    Mr. Ajay Jaiswal

Inline Dripper Irrigation Tube Extrusion Line

Flat Dripper Inseerting Device


  • Dripper Insertion capacity 600 dripper/min.
  • Dripper Suitability : Symmetrical/Asymmetrical
  • Pipe Size : 12 to 20mm
  • Pipe Thickness :0.15 to 1.2 mm.
  • Unique design bowl feeder for correct orientation of dripper
  • Long conveyer act as buffer for drippers.
  • Insertion Mechanism through cool tube into die heated
  • Pipe Size : 12 to 20mm
PLC based soft touch screen operation with following features
  • Service parameters
  • Line operation indication
  • System performance.
  • Alarm message
  • Suitable for 120 - 180 mtr/min Line speed.
  • High Precision X-Y-Z movement For precise centering

Vacuum Calibrating Tank


  • Facility for Precise movement in microns for X,Y,Z Direction
  • Indirect vacuum system with blower technology for automatic vacuum control.
  • Works in close loop with pressure system.
  • Inbuilt dropper sealing technology.
  • Water flow and pressure control valve.

Most Modern Single Screw Extruder

The quality of the extruder is one of the most important factors of the production line.

  • New generation high-tech barrier screw with dispersive and distributive mixing zone for homogenized melting & better mixing
  • Highly efficient temperature control for longitudinal grooved in the feeding zone
  • Railing is provided for extruders linear movement no special foundation is required as the rails are bolted to the floor.
  • Barrier types with helical maddock mixing zone to give high linear stable output.
  • Consistent through put for all screw speed.

Haul Off Unit

High speed precision controlled individually driven haul-off with the following.

  • Max Dia-20mm
  • Speed up to 180 mpm.
  • The constant and accurate pull of the haul- off will guarantee the best performance of the whole extrusion line.
  • Both belts are driven by common motor & drive with time belt & pulleys.
  • Precisely synchronized with main extruder.
  • Dancing roll caterpillar bottom belt with dancing support links or rod.

Coiler Unit


  • Pipe cutting after coil length completion.
  • Automatic transfer of pipe from one bobbin to another.
  • Bobbin rotation by turret action.
  • Winding speed : Max 160m./min
  • It has continuously adjustable traversing movement by servo technology.
  • Torque control winding driven by servo technology

Flat Dripper Servo Perforation


  • Drilling rate 600 drippers / min
  • One station /Perforation unit can punch up to 600 drilling per minute.
  • A specially designed sensor privedes accurate and repeatable of each incoming dripper. Digitally mechanism to the position and speed of the drippers.
  • The position of the hole is adjustable by LCD & touch screen for ease of operation.
  • The operation interface provide easy access and display of the set and actual dripper spacing min/max spacing alarm toluene pipe length and dripper counters.
  • Suitable for pipe wall thickness range 0.15 to 1.2 & pipe OD range 12-20 mm.
  • Vision system for pipe drilling performance.


Inline Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant


  • high quality screw and barrel ensures stable and homogeneous melt quality throughout operation for longer period
  • PLC based machine with inbuilt AC to control panel Insertion capacity 600 Drippers/Min
  • 200mm to 2000mm spacing setting for different configuration pipe.
  • Uniform spacing / Group spacing/Plain Pipe/Sample features included in PLC
  • Perforation unit with perforation capacity for longer period 600 Drippers /min
  • Online visual Inspection system for perforation and Dripper spacing check with and without Auto correction facility with online quality check Sticker Pinging
  • 2 station Auto Coiler with Synchronized Traversing
  • 0.27 unit /kg power consumption
  • Up to 1,30,000 meter Inline Pipe Production/ day
  • Thickness Range for Flat Pipe : 0.15 mm to 1.2 mm

Inline Drip Tube Extrusion Line With Flat Type Dripper

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